Product questions

Q: Why chose for vehicle specific towbar wiring kits?
There are many reasons to choose vehicle specific wiring kits. We will name a few advantages:

  • Rapidly and simply to connect on the connectors in the vehicle;
  • Reliable connections which continue to function faultlessly for many years;
  • Complete kits with all required components and electronic modules;
  • Modules are compatible with the electronic system in the vehicle;
  • No risk on damage of the vehicle wiring;
  • A detailed instruction manual is included.

Q: When to choose for a 7- or 13-pole set?
For 7-pole one chooses if no constant tension is necessary (e.g. for cyclecarrier or small trailer). For 13-pole one chooses if constant tension is necessary (e.g. for a caravan).

Q: What is C2 control?
A: This is a system that indicates if a turn light is defective. This is indicated by means of a visible our audible signal on the dashboard. In Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom it is obligatory.

Q: What is a ‘Can-Bus system’?
A Can-Bus system is a computer network that passes through the vehicle. The light signals can be retrieved from this network. Our module translates these signals to the sockets.


Q: Is it necessary to connect the power supply if I have a 7 pin wiring kit?
It is always necessary to connect the power supply. This is because this wire can also be the power supply for the module or relay of the wiring kit.

Q: Is it necessary to connect the power supply if I do not need +30 / constant current?
It is always necessary to connect the power supply. This is because this wire can also be the power supply for the module or relay of the wiring kit.

Q: On what position do I need to connect the grey wire in the socket?
The grey wire needs to be connected on position 2a. This position is for the mechanical elimination of the fog light cut off on the car. It is also indicated in our manual or on our yellow helpline cart which are included in the box.

Q: Why do I have to connect an extra wire for the brake light when all functions on the trailer work via the Can-Bus network?
When there is a lot of activity on the Can-Bus network, the brake light on the trailer will be delayed. If we make a direct connection this can be prevented. In case the connection of the Can-bus wires is broken or not right then there is always a working brake light on the trailer during car driving.

Q: How can I disconnect the parking sensors when I connect a trailer.
This differs per wiring kit:

  • There are wiring kits who need to be coded for all functions. After installing, the parking sensors will disconnect automatically when a trailer is connected.
  • For some wiring kits you need an extension kit for disconnecting the parking sensors.
  • Other kits have a multifunctional module which can be installed to cut off the parking sensors universally. A manual is included.
  • It is also possible that a vehicle is already equipped with a switch or a button on the dashboard which can be used to switch of the parking sensors.


Q: I have a 13 pin wiring kit, but I don’t have +15/+30 on my socket.
This is because not everyone needs +15/+30, even with a 13 pin wiring kit. Your 13 pin wiring kit is however prepared for a +15/+30 connection for which you can order an extension kit.

Q: Are you ought to connect the extension kit for +15/+30 on a switched circuit?
This is not required, because the relay used in this extension kit is a smart relay. This relay measures the tension of the battery when the motor is running. When the tension of the battery is above a certain point, then it sends out the switched power. When the tension gets goes down the relay turns itself off again.

Q: Can I test the exterior lighting with a LED tester, a voltage detector or a single light bulb?
No, you should always test with sufficient load which is equipped with light bulbs of the right wattage.

Q: Is it necessary to encode my vehicle after installing a wiring kit?
The necessity of encoding depends on the vehicle. Some vehicles need to be encoded for all functions. For some vehicles it is necessary to encode only the optional functions like the parking sensors and the fog light cut off. It is always indicated in the manual and on our website if encoding the vehicle is required.