EV Charging Cables

EV Charging Cables

Connecting power to your car

To reduce the ecological footprint of the current car park, more and more markets introduce Electrical Vehicles and Plug in Hybrid Vehicles. This increase of electrified vehicles raises the demand for EV charging cables. ECS Electronics is specialized in automotive connection systems and therefore the development of the ECS EV Charging Cable was started.

We benchmarked the top of the currently available charging cables and to design the next level charging cable. After analysing the various designs we made a list with the highest range of attributes and demands. The outcome of this extended research resulted in our Type 2, 3-phase, 32A charging cable.

The ergonomic design of the handle gives you the touch and feel of the high-quality level we set as goal for this charging cable. The optional Light-My-Path module is an ingenious add-on for locating the socket of the car in the dark.

The ECS EV charging cable can be fully customized to your wishes in order to match your brand identity or special model line-up. Together with your engineering team we can investigate the possibilities to match your demand. The color of the Type 2 connector, the color of the cable itself and even the color of your logo can be customized. We invite you to discuss the numerous possibilities with our design team and discover the many ways our charging cable can be adapted into your corporate identity.