Vehicle coding

Vehicle coding

In collaboration with AutoNiveau we offer you a solution for vehicle coding, after the installation of an ECS towbar wiring kit.

What is it?
With this online platform, the vehicle in your workshop gets connected to our service center and will be coded remotely by diagnostic professionals. This saves you a lot of time and effort. In addition, there is no need for investing in expensive coding tools, software updates and annual fees. With our service you pay one fixed rate per coding session. Because the service center has access to multiple coding tools, this is the most complete solution in the market. Additional services such as programming key transponders, coding motor management and braking systems.

The remote can be purchased separately (399 euro) or as a pro-package (849 euro), including a Samsung tablet and professional case with custom cut foam inserts for the safe storing of the remote and tablet.

What do you need?
To make use of this service, the only thing you need is our remote. This interface can be connected with your own Android device, or with the Samsung tablet which is included in the ECS vehicle coding pro-package.

How does it work?
Coding the vehicle after the installation of a towbar wiring kit has never been easier. You can now complete this procedure in three easy steps.

Step 1
Connect the remote to the EOBD-connector in the vehicle and to the tablet, which will connect to the internet by Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G. The app will start automatically.
Step 2
The service center will automatically receive a signal and start the coding session.
Step 3
As soon as the coding session is finished, you will be informed via the app and the vehicle itself (through a light signal or horn). You will receive the invoice in your account. Only successful coding sessions will be charged.

How to buy the service
Complete the registration form and press ‘send’ to inform AutoNiveau and for them to raise your purchase invoice. When your payment is registered by AutoNiveau the interface remote will be dispatched by courier to arrive within 3-5 working days. The coding tokens are available through the AutoNiveau app when your account is setup. AutoNiveau General Terms & Conditions

ECS vehicle coding is powered by AutoNiveau 
Founded in 2005, AutoNiveau aims to support companies in the automotive industry. Since then, numerous types of training have been developed and provided for various importers, dealers and universal car companies. Because of our open and clear way of communicating, many companies are now customers of AutoNiveau and close partnerships have been set up with various partners. Thanks to these new collaborations, our services have been further expanded with a technical helpdesk to support companies even better.

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