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ECS Assortment

ECS manufactures wiring kits for tow bars for practically every make and model. These products have the same high-level of quality as the OE products manufactured for the automotive sector.

If you fill in the make, model and year of the vehicle in our towbar wiring catalog you will find all the information you need.

ECS Safety

For ECS Electronics the safety of you and your customers comes first. A correct and safe functioning is guaranteed in every way. ECS wiring kits are, when installed correctly, without risk and advisable for every garage. Our products meet all (inter)national standards.

ECS Installation time

A well known saying is “Time is Money”. However it takes time to properly install a wiring kit into a vehicle so that the safety of the motorist can be guaranteed. With all ECS wiring kits a clear manual with fitting instruction is provided. Next to these fitting instructions we provide courses and online trainings. When technical problems occur during the installation of a wiring kit our Customer Care service is standby to help you with your problems. So ECS makes sure her products can be installed fast and safe, anytime, anywhere.

ECS Problem-free

When you experience problems during the installation, a lot of time is lost in searching for malfunctions. With ECS wiring kits you can be assured of a high quality product using high quality materials. The high-grade research and design of the wiring kits contribute to the prevention of problems during the installation, as well as the extensive control before packing the products.

ECS Profit opportunities

As a user of ECS products you have made a wise choice. Not only have you chosen for your safety and that of your customers, you have also chosen for a reliable piece of technology made from durable, high quality materials. ECS Electronics has been a manufacturer with sense of responsibility for decades. This makes ECS a trusted partner for garage owners and installers of towing equipment, as we are known for our high level of quality and our ability to realize the right commercial margin which you need.

ECS CAN-bus technology

The Can-bus technology can be compared with a fast computer network. This is ideal for communication between two pieces of electronic equipment. By using this Can-bus technology less wires and connectors have to be used to install a wiring kit into a vehicle. Where possible, ECS uses this technology to replace bundles of wires. This technology is perfect for wiring kits for towing equipment.